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Trail Lawyer Article: President's Message

As the current President of the Oregon Trial Lawyer's Association (OTLA), one of Martin's many tasks include writing a President's message in the quarterly magazine, Trial Lawyer Magazine.  In this article, Martin discusses his roots in Coos Bay and how it has helped him as a trial attorney.  From working as a "red-hat" in the Weyerhauser sawmill in North Bend to being elected as a the President of OTLA, Martin has seen the perspective of workers from both sides.

Tort Reform: How corporations and insurance companies manipulate our view of the civil justice system.

You have probably heard, or even used the phrase "ambulance chaser" when discussing plaintiff's attorneys. And if you go deeper into a discussion, the term "frivolous lawsuit" seems to pop-up. Where did these phrases come from? Why are they so often repeated?

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