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Attorney Fees: How we get paid

Every potential client I talk to asks the same question: "How do you get paid?" It's a fair question.  Especially considering that most injured people don't have the money to pay an attorney.

Our website, like most plaintiff attorney websites, advertises free consultations. It also goes on to explain that we only get paid if you get paid.  Both of these are absolutely true.

Here is the catch, we can't represent every potential client.  In fact one of the most important things we do is screen potential clients that we may not be able to help for a variety of reasons.  

So while you are explaining your case and talking with us, we are always thinking about ways that we can help you.  If we can't, we always try to find an attorney that may help you with your specific problem.

If you are someone we believe we can help, then we'll have you sign an attorney retention agreement that goes into the nuances of exactly how we get paid.  Because we concentrate on workers' compensation, social security disability and personal injury, we have three separate retainer agreements.  Below is a quick explanation of what they each say.  Remember with each of these agreements that clients are always liable for costs associated with their case.

In a personal injury case our fee is 33 1/3% of any and all amounts recovered before trial or arbitration.

In social security disability we get 25% of past due benefits (not to exceed $6,000)  which are awarded in the event your case is won.  

Workers' compensation cases are the most complicated and has the most rules when it comes to attorney fees.  Put simply, if we are instrumental in overturning a denial a judge will award us a fee.  If we settle a case our fee is 25% of the first $17,500 and 10% of any money thereafter.  If we increase the amount of benefits you receive, our attorney fee would come out of the increase.  

I would just post all of our retainer agreements, but that could lead to trouble.  We wouldn't want people to just sign retention agreements they found on the internet and claim that we now represent them.  So, if you are a potential client and want a more in depth explanation of our fees or would like to view our retainer agreements, feel free to call our office at (503) 229-0895.

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